How to Store Nicotine Safely

Light, heat, and air can alter the color, taste, and even strength of your nicotine bases. Nicotine bases should be kept in a cool, dark place, such as a freezer. 

Many DIY mixers prefer to keep nicotine bases in the same area as the rest of their mixing supplies.

CAUTION:   Nicotine is poisonous and direct skin contact with undiluted nicotine bases can cause nicotine sickness and even death.   Nicotine should not be ingested in any way other than through your electronic cigarette, and all nicotine bases should be stored in secure locations, away from children and pets. For maximum safety, you should store your eliquid in childproof bottles

If you're new to DIY mixing, you should also read our guide on DIY workplace setup and our DIY e-juice FAQ.

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