How to Mix E-liquid by Weight

Mixing e-liquid by weight is a simple way to make larger batches of DIY e-juice. All you'll need is a scale that measures to the hundredths of a gram, calibration weights for the scale, pipettes, a bottle to store your e-liquid, and the raw materials you need to produce your e-liquid.

You can mix your e-liquid by weight by following this five-step process:

Step One: Calibrate Your Scale

If you've just purchased your kitchen scale or you haven't used it in a while, you'll need to calibrate it. This will require a set of calibration weights.

You can typically calibrate your scale by pressing the "CAL" or "MODE" button. Press the button and place your calibration weight on the scale. Some models will automatically calibrate once the weight is placed, others require you to press a "TARE" button. You can find specific instructions for your scale in the manual. You should also be able to find an instruction video that relates to your scale on YouTube.

Step Two: Calculate How Much of Each Liquid You Need

You can determine how much of each e-liquid ingredient (i.e., PG, VG, nicotine base, flavors) to use when making your e-liquid in our guides to adding flavoring and adding nicotine, or by using our DIY e-juice calculator. Our e-liquid calculator will calculate the amount of each ingredient you need to produce the ejuice that you want.

Step Three: Put Your Bottle on the Scale

Now that you've got your recipe, it's time to start making it! Put the bottle you intend to store your e-liquid in and press "TARE". This will automatically reset the scale to zero, allowing you to see the weight of each ingredient as you add them.

Step Four: Add Nicotine

At this point you'll want to fill a graduated syringe with nicotine. Add nicotine slowly into the bottle, paying careful attention to the weight. You want to stop when the scale shows the number of grams your recipe recommends. So if your recipe calls for 6.44g of nicotine, you'll stop when the scale reads "6.44".

Once your scale is showing the correct number, press "TARE". This will reset the scale to zero again, letting you measure only the next ingredient as you add it.

Step Five: Add the Rest of Your Ingredients

Now it's time to add everything else! Repeat step four for each ingredient, watching carefully to make sure you measure the precise amount of each ingredient the calculator recommends. Make sure you use a different measuring instrument for each ingredient.

Once you've added all of your ingredients, you can move on to steeping your e-juice.