How to Add Flavor to Your E-Liquid

Once you've determined what e-juice nicotine strength is right for you, it's time to dive into adding flavor to your e-liquid. This is the fun part. You can add as many flavors as you want to your e-liquid: you can use one flavor or 10 flavors – it’s all about your creativity. Check out our vast selection of flavors to get a sense of what’s on the market. You’ll be able to find your favorite flavors to get you started.

You can add flavor to your e-juice in three simple steps: 

1. Determine your ideal flavor strength

To some extent this can only be discovered through trial and error, but there are some simple rules you can follow to increase your chances of success in the DIY e-liquid mixing process.

It’s important to note that ingredients are typically expressed as percentages of the overall e-liquid recipe. For example, if a recipe calls for 4% of a Flavor West Bavarian Cream, and 4% Capella Sweet Strawberry, your overall vape juice recipe would contain 8% concentrated flavors, and 92% unflavored nicotine base.

To get started, we recommend learning what the DIY e-liquid community has already learned. You can check out the ecigExpress cookbook, our newsletter for weekly recipes, or our Facebook group, DIY Mix Masterminds. Our recipes may provide you with some inspiration, and they will also give you a sense of appropriate flavor percentages to use when mixing your e-liquids.

In general, it’s safer to start making DIY e-liquids using a smaller percentage of flavoring in the mixture, and then work your way up until the flavor satisfies you. The precise amount of flavor you'll want to use will vary based on your personal preference.

Determine the exact amount of flavor extract you'll need

Once you've determined your ideal flavor percentage, you can figure out the volume of concentrated flavor you'll need with a simple formula:

Flavor Strength x Batch Size = Volume of flavor extract

For example, if you want to add 10% flavor to a 30ml batch, the math would look like this:

0.10 x 30 = 3ml

If you're concerned about doing the math on your own, you can also use our e-liquid calculator to determine the correct volume (or weight) of each flavor.

2. Measure the flavor carefully

You want to make sure you use the exact amount of flavor extract required. Even a single milliliter of extra flavor added or left out can significantly change the taste of your e-juice.

Use precise measuring tools, such as a graduated cylinder or syringe, to make the correct measurements. You also want to do all your DIY e-juice mixing in a well-lit workspace.

3. Add your flavor concentrates

Once you've made the correct measurements, use a blunt tip, syringe, or graduated cylinder to add the flavor extract into your propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) bases. Making DIY e-liquid effectively requires the use of precise measuring instruments.

Remember, you’ll want the ability to replicate recipes that you like, so documenting precise measurements is important. You can use syringes, graduated cylinder, and scales (when mixing by weight). Calculating your e-juice flavors using “drops” is one way to mix your e-juice, but is not always be the best way because flavors vary in viscosity, and mixing by drops may make replicating recipes a challenge.

In summary, the best part about using precise instruments when you mix your e-liquid flavor is that you’ll be able to replicate your recipe whenever you want. 

Before vaping your e-liquid, remember to shake it vigorously to ensure that all ingredients have mixed properly.

Note that some flavor combinations also improve with steeping, but this process is not always necessary.

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