Frequently Asked Questions About Steeping e-Liquid

Why Does Steeping e-Juice Work?

Steeping e-juice can be an effective method for enhancing the flavor of your DIY e-liquid. This is partly because different e-juice ingredients (nicotine bases, PG/VG solutions, and flavor concentrates) have different viscosities, and steeping helps these liquids mix properly.

Is Steeping e-Liquid Mandatory?

DIY e-liquid mixers often steep their e-juice recipes to enhance specific flavor profiles. You may want to steep recipes that contain dessert flavors, for example, because dessert flavors often taste better over time. Fruit flavors, on the other hand, often require little to no steeping.

How Long Does Steeping Take?

Steeping times depend on the types of flavors you are using and personal preference. Some DIY mixers steep their eliquids for one day, while others steep their eliquids for several months.

We recommend experimenting with your ejuice recipes by steeping them for different lengths of time so that you can determine what you like best.

How to Steep E-Liquid

There are several different steeping methods, but for the purpose of this tutorial, we are going explain the most popular method, which is based on time.

Note that shorter steeping times generally result in more potent flavor profiles. Longer steeping times generally result in mellower, subtle flavor profiles.


You can steep your e-liquid using five simple steps:

 1. Place your bottles of e-liquid in a cold, dark place

 Store your eliquid in a room that is slightly below room temperature. Do not refrigerate your e-juice. Avoid exposure to light during the steeping process, as this will potentially dull the flavors.

 Heat and light, particularly those created by UV rays, can degrade your e-liquid flavor and alter its nicotine strength.

 2. Let your e-juice steep

If you’re just beginning to steep your e-liquids, we recommend using an initial steep time of three to five days before testing them out. You may want to experiment with even longer steep times. Over time, you’ll get a feel for how long different flavor types need to steep.

 3. Shake your e-liquid bottle

 Every three days, shake your e-liquid for 1-2 minutes. This will help the flavors integrate with the unflavored nicotine base.

 4. Test your e-liquid

After the first round of steeping, open your e-juice and test a small sample in your electronic cigarette device. Take notes on your flavor’s taste and texture.

If you already like the flavor, you can ignore the steps below, vape your e-juice, and enjoy!

5. Repeat steps one through four every three days

We recommend taking notes each time you test your DIY e-liquid so that you can compare the flavors created by different steeping times.

You can stop when you're initially satisfied, or continue steeping until you’re satisfied.

Optional: Breathe it out

Some members of the DIY e-liquid mixing community recommend removing the caps of your e-juice bottles for controlled periods of time during the steeping process.

If you choose to do this, never leave the caps off of your e-liquid for more than one hour. Doing so may oxidize the liquid and negatively affect the flavor of your e-juice.

The ‘breathing’ method is particularly effective for flavorings that contain alcohol, as it helps the alcohol evaporate.

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