E-Liquid Nicotine Bases

ecigExpress offers a wide range of unflavored nicotine bases as well as nicotine-free propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) bases. You can combine these bases with any e-liquid flavor concentrate to create your own DIY e-juice at any PG to VG ratio that you’d like.


Nicotine bases

Our unflavored nicotine bases contain the following ingredients:

High quality nicotine.

  • USP Kosher Propylene Glycol (PG) – Propylene glycol, or PG, is the ingredient in e-liquid that provides a throat hit, which simulates the experience of smoking real cigarettes.
  • USP Kosher Vegetable Glycerin (VG) – Vegetable glycerin, or VG, provides a smoother vaping experience and also creates the vapor clouds associated with using e-cigarettes.

Our nicotine bases are available in a variety of strengths, ranging from 1.5mg/ml to100mg/ml. You can also choose the ratio of PG to VG in your nicotine bases.

CAUTION: Nicotine bases containing high concentrations of nicotine must be diluted before mixing e-liquid. Nicotine is a poison, and direct skin contact with nicotine products can be hazardous. Many electronic cigarette users do not vape nicotine strengths higher than 18mg/ml. Only advanced DIY mixers should purchase 100mg/ml nicotine. Handle all nicotine bases with care, and always use mixing tools and safety gear. If this is your first time mixing DIY e-juice, please read through our guides to essential equipment, safe nicotine storageand properly storing your e-liquid for optimum lifespan.

PG and VG bases

You can add PG and VG to your unflavored nicotine base to customize the nicotine strength of your DIY e-liquid. You can also use PG and VG bases to produce nicotine-free e-juice.

ecigExpress offers PG and VG solutions with different ratios of each. All of our PG and VG solutions are USP Kosher, 99.9% pure, the highest quality available on the market.

All of our e-liquid bases are sealed and shrink-wrapped with a childproof cap.

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