Here at ecigExpress our focus is on helping people make DIY e-liquid, but we understand that sometimes people just don't have the time. There's also the matter of what to use in your electronic cigarette during the two weeks required to steep your e-juice properly. For these situations, ecigExpress offers a range of premixed e-liquids.

Our extensive collection of premixed e-liquids includes over forty different flavors in our very own ecigExpress Premium E-liquids. We offer several flavors designed to recreate the taste of actual cigarettes like The Beast by Immortal Fog, along with a variety of fruit-flavored mixes like Banana Cream by Express Premium E-Liquids. We even offer soda-flavored options, such as the Root Beer Float e-juice created by Express Premium E-Liquids.

These e-liquids are ready to vape right out of the bottle, with no mixing required. Store all of your flavored e-juice solutions in cool, dry places to maximize their lifespans.

Most of our flavored e-liquids come in a variety of bottle sizes, ranging from 30ML to 500ML. They can also be purchased at several different nicotine strength levels, from 0MG to 12MG. Some e-liquids are offered in 18mg and 24mg levels. All nicotine strength levels are measured by milligrams per milliliter. If you're not sure what strength level is best for you, connect with one of our customer service professionals through the live chat and we'll help you figure it out.

Several of these e-liquid flavors are also available as One Shot Flavor Concentrates for easy DIY mixing. This means you can purchase a premixed bottle, test the flavor out, and then start making it for yourself – no mess or fuss required!

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