Now introducing the new ENYAWREKLAW Concentrates LAYERS!

These are fully produced One-Shot flavorings with the same attention to detail and masterful crafting you'd expect from Wayne Walker, creator of ENYAWREKLAW Concentrates, and DIYorDIE, but with a small twist.

In addition to being a complete recipes wrapped up in one easy to mix concentrate, these are also meant to be used as layers or bases in your e-liquid recipes.

Want to build a delicious strawberry custard? Use Elizabeth's Custard at its recommended %, drop in your favorite strawberry flavoring, and you're off to the races.

Want to add candy-like PUNCH to your recipes? Use Burst Bomb.

This makes mixing extremely easy, without removing any of the customization or personalization. If you want to learn more on how best to use these layers, head to DIYORDIEVAPING.COM

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Elizabeth's Custard by DIYorDIE

ecigexpress one shots

Elizabeth's Custard is my take on the traditional Custard profile that dominated the market in 2012-2013. Rich, warm vanilla, on a thick body of eg...

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from $9.99

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