Wow! Regular cigarettes have just gone over $7.00 here in CT in the good
old USA. When I started smoking way back in the 60’s, any pack of
cigarettes was $0.35 (that’s right – thirty-five cents) in any drug store
or machine in bars, restaurants, etc. No thoughts of nicotine addiction,
nor were there dire health warnings on each pack. Prime-time TV, game
shows, billboard ads all extolled the virtues of the pleasures waiting to
be found in cigarettes.

No one mentioned tars and how they clog up the lungs over the years – 45 to
be precise. Don’t give me the graphic pictures, I don’t take well to scare
tactics. What I did notice is how I felt – tired, out of breath, you name

Over the years I have tried various patches, gum, prescription drugs,
quitting cold turkey, none of them worked. It was not only an addiction,
but a habit, and habits don’t respond well to drugs.

Then I read about electronic cigarettes, and I figured, hey, why not? I did
my research, and ordered a Joye 510, probably the best bargain and best
performance in e-cigs today. From day 1, the first ‘puff’ was tasty and
enjoyable. I got to see ‘smoke’, actually vapor, the little bit of light at
the tip, the tactile feelings of the e-cig, and just enough nicotine
(without the tars, thank you) to keep my system happy.

I have not had (or craved) a tobacco cigarette in a week now! I don’t
flaunt the e-cig, i.e. vaping in public where smoking is prohibited and
daring authorities to eject me, but just being able to take a private puff
or two is enough to keep me from running outside in the blistering heat,
freezing cold, rain, snow, to which my fellow workers and smokers are

Charles R.