My experience with Tobacco has lasted over a decade from my first puff to the day Vaping changed it all. At 23 I felt weaker than I should, my sense of taste was terrible, and I was searching for a way out. I saw an e-cig, and when I first took that puff, a miasma of flavor and satisfaction washed over me; within a week I could smell and taste again, and I’ve never looked back. Pills, gum, and patch just left me angry and craving. With an e-cig there is no ill effect, I love them.

I took the time to research and troll the forums, finally settling on the kr808-d1. Simple easy to use, awesome. Now, less than a month after kicking analogs I’m on my feet planning and building new mods for myself and to share with the vaping community.


Cody from Michigan