Who can afford tobacco these days?

Electronic cigarettes make the perfect gift


Since the economic crisis began in 2008, American households have been forced to seriously evaluate their spending habits, with smokers having to make some tough decisions. For most of us, quitting tobacco creates the grim challenge of facing intolerable withdrawal symptoms.


Then there are the costs. Because of America’s endless love affair with taxing tobacco products, the average pack of cigarettes is more than $6. If you live in places like New York City, you’ll spend about $10 a pack! This means that smoking a pack a day for one year would cost $3,650!


The increased cost of smoking tobacco during a recession may partly explain why so many smokers have switched from tobacco to electronic cigarettes. In 2010, about 750,000 e-cigarettes were sold. In the following year, sales more than tripled to 2.5 million. So far in 2012, sales are closing in on 4 million units.


While switching to electronic cigarettes can ease some of your financial woes, it may make you feel better, too. Smoking electronic cigarettes may be safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes because less nicotine is absorbed when smoking electronic cigarettes than tobacco cigarettes.


Recent research concluded that smoking e-cigarettes does not affect heart function. There is also substantial anecdotal evidence from users that switching to electronic cigarettes improved their breathing, and some even report sleeping better.


As the holiday season begins and you start thinking about gifts for family and friends, you might consider electronic cigarettes for the smokers in your life. It will keep some cash in their wallets, and it may even make them feel better.


Save money with electronic cigarettes

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