Which prohibit? Tobacco vs. Ecig



Thanks to Agence Nomad for posting this chart comparing tobacco and electronic cigarettes.  The infographic shows some of the cancer-causing chemicals in tobacco cigarettes, which include the same chemicals found in paint stripper, welding torches, ant poison, napalm, lighter fluid, car batteries, car exhaust fumes, insecticides, embalming fluid, lethal execution by gas, paint, gasoline, rocket fuel, cockroach poison, toilet cleaner, industrial solvent, and plastics.


On the contrary, liquid for electronic cigarettes includes only propylene glycol, glycerol, aromas, and nicotine!


Electronic Cigarettes vs. Tobacco cigarettes


The chart also shows that second-hand smoke from tobacco cigarettes is far more dangerous than vapor emitted from electronic cigarettes, a claim that is consistent with recent studies. For example, research reported on this blog found that second-hand vapor is not harmful to health.


More recently, European researchers found that “the quality and quantity of chemicals released to the environment are by far less harmful for the human health compared to regular tobacco cigarettes.”

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