Do you like to be in control? What better way to do that than to purchase a variable voltage battery! You can vape at 3 different voltages: 3.2, 3.7, or 4.2 in your choice of 650MAH or 900MAH!


Variable voltage is becoming more and more popular as vapers are enjoying different voltages.  Different voltages will provide varying levels of vapor.  VV technology gives you the ultimate in vape control!

How to use:
The default voltage setting is 3.2 Volts.
There are 2 sets of lights.  The light you want to pay attention to is the ring near the button. This LED ring will have 3 possibilities.  REDRED&BLUEBLUE.
Ring Color:  RED = 3.2 volts.
Press button 5 times fast, ring will change to HALF RED and HALF BLUE.  This is 3.7V.
Press buttons 5 times fast again, ring will change to SOLID BLUE.   This is 4.2V.
Press button 5 times fast again, ring will turn to RED again.  This is the default which is 3.2V.

Product Dimensions:

650mah = 92mm length / 14mm diameter
900mah = 108mm length / 14mm diameter

Voltage:  3.2V (Red LED) / 3.7V (Half Red/Half Blue LED) / 4.2V (Blue LED ring)
Charging time:  Approximately 2.5 hours
Theading:  510/eGO