What’s New? The X4!

X4 E-Cigarette

We’ve just recently gotten our shipment of the X4 E-Cigarettes into our warehouse! These are great ecigs! Whether you’re just getting into vaping or the experienced vaper you will enjoy this product. They are small enough for easy portability, yet durable enough to toss into your pocket or purse and go with no worries of crushing like regular cigs. These X4’s resemble a real cigarette with measurements of 9.3 mm diameter (Which is the distance across a circle through its center point for all of us that don’t remember everything we were taught in math!), 102 mm in length, and .6 oz. All the benefits of a real cigarette, but without the downfalls! No tar, tobacco, or real smoke so you can “light up” in many places smoking is banned. This is an inexpensive, but by no means “cheapo quality”, way to experience what ecigs are about.

Other useful info:

-Rechargeable up to 200 times

-Batteries last 2-4 hours with regular use (which is if you smoke about a pack a day)

-USB charger, automatic battery, and cartomizer all come together in one sleek disposable package

-Cartomizers can be refilled with your own “juice”

-Cartomizers are also sold separately in 2 packs

-Currently offered in Regular High (tobacco) and Menthol High

-We offer a 14 day warranty on the battery and USB charger, but not on the cartomizer since it is considered to be disposable


We have 1 X4 for a great price of only $12.99


2 X4’s for a steal of a deal priced at only $23.99 which is a savings of $1.98 off our already low prices!

2 packs of cartomizers are sold for an excellent price of $4.99

Every penny counts these days and our goal at ecigexpress is to make sure you get the most for that penny!

You can click below to find out what a couple of our customers think of the X4!

You don't have to take our word for the X4, just ask 0smitty and Amber!

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