Tasty Puff

These are great flavors that will be a wonderful addition to any Vapers collection. They come in approx. 7.5 ML sizes (around 400 drops) for only $2.99! The 29 flavors are a fun as their names! Try one or try them all you won’t regret this purchase! Our flavors include:


Awesome Apple

Blueberry Thrill

California Orange

Chick Magnet Cherry

Chronic Hypnotic

Chumpy Chocolate

Cockamamie Clove

Convicted Melon

Cool Menthol

Cotton Mouth Candy

Crazy Coconut

Electric Banana

Ghetto Grape

Joosy Fruit

Jungle Juice

Lemon Lime Kamakaze

Mango Tango

Mr. Bubbles (Bubble Gum)

Nilly Vanilla

Phucked Up Pineapple

Pimpy Fresh Peach

Power Plant Pomegranate

Rasta Rootbeer

Rippin Raspberry

Sinful Cinnamon

Spiffy Spearmint

Strawberry Cough

Sweet Leaf

Toke A Cola