What’s New? Janty eGO Tank Systems!

We have just brought in the Janty eGO tank systems at a great price so we’re passing the savings along to you! They are currently priced at $59.99! So hurry because once these are gone they’re gone!

These have the Janty logo.  They are manufactured by JoyeTech.

Instead of using traditional cartridges to hold your e-liquid, the eGO T uses a tank that you fill with e-liquid.  Most convenient, excellent performance.

Each EGO T kit includes the following:

2 piece eGO Tank Atomizers (Type A)
2 piece Manual eGO T 650 mah batteries (NOTE:  Click 5 times for on, click 5 times for off.  This is a safety mechanism to prevent accidental button press)
1 piece Wall Charger
1 piece USB Fast Charger
5 piece colorless empty tanks
1 piece carry pouch

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