What’s New? FLASH!

We have just received another Flavour Art shipment in and it contains something new! Flash is the replacement for Qhit! If you’re not familiar with what this product does it provides that throat hit you may be missing in a nicotine free flavor. Once you drop your nicotine level some people don’t feel as if there is any nicotine simply because of the lack of throat hit. If you were to add some flash to your e-juice you would get that nicotine throat hit satisfaction! A definite MUST HAVE for anyone that feels like they need just a bit more kick.

Flash is currently offered in two sizes:

10ml – $4.99

30ml – $8.99


“With valuable feedback received for our previous 0 nicotine liquid, we reworked the formula making it more mild and well rounded.”

Flash is designed as ready to vape E liquid but it can be diluted up to personal preferences.


PG 63%

VG 35%

Flavoring preparations and flavorings: 2%

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