Happy New Year! We’ve made a lot of changes and updates at ecigExpress, and so I thought I should share with you some of the exciting new things we have going on.

New Products

ECX Recipe Concentrate
Did you enjoy any of our old pre-mixed e-liquids? Do you wish you could get them again? Now, you can! Each 500ml bottle of ECX recipe concentrate can be used to make up to 5 gallons of e-liquid. Just add your base, steep, and vape!
Sub-Ohm Tanks

If you’ve been thinking about using RBA or RDA atomizers but don’t want to go through all the trouble of actually building them and replacing their components, now you can get sub-ohm tanks and kits with easily replaceable coils. Both the Kanger Subtanks and the Aspire Atlantis Tank can be your introduction to massive clouds of vapor. Be sure to use a Sub-Ohm battery with these tanks for the best experience.

New Videos!

The ecigExpress YouTube channel is back!. Subscribe to our channel for new product reviews and DIY tutorials. To give you a taste, here’s our “DIY Coil Building For Beginners” video:

With all this new content, as well as more new products, our new product categories, and, soon, a brand-new premixed e-liquid brand in stock, we’re looking forward to an exciting 2015, and we hope you’ll join us!