What is the Best PG VG Ratio for Flavor?

What is the Best PG VG Ratio for Flavor?

The best PG VG ratio for flavor depends on your goal as a vaper. PG and VG will affect your

e liquid in different ways, so understanding what each ingredient does will help you get a sense of what PG/VG ratio is right for you.


What is PG?

One of the main ingredients of e liquid is PG, which stands for propylene glycol. It’s slightly sweet, colorless and odorless, and its thin consistency makes it really easy to work with. You can think of PG as the ingredient that carries the flavor from your e juice into your body as you vape.

Most importantly, PG is largely responsible for creating the throat hit in your ejuice. So, if you want a stronger throat hit, you’ll have to use a lot of PG.


What is VG?

A second important ingredient of e liquid is VG, which stands for vegetable glycerin. Like PG, it’s clear, odorless, and slightly sweet. VG has a thick consistency, similar to syrup.

VG is what produces the large vapor clouds that you love!

Check out our page on VG vs PG for more information on each ingredient.


What are your vaping goals?


What are your vaping goals?

Now that you understand how VG and PG affect your eliquid, you’re ready to adjust the percentages of each in your e juice. Here are some popular options.


  • The most popular VG PG ratio is 70% VG and 30% PG. This ratio should produce a smooth taste with a satisfying throat hit.


  • If you just switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping, you might want to use a 50% VG, 50% PG ratio. This will give you a stronger throat hit, similar to that of a cigarette. This ratio always works well for any vaper that enjoys strong throat hits!


  • If you want to produce the biggest vapor clouds, you’ll want to use all VG. During a cloud competition, for example, you’d want to use 100% VG.

Important Note:  Many flavor concentrates are made with PG, so your eliquid will have some PG in it even if you use 100% VG liquid nicotine base. So, if you REALLY want big clouds, you’ll want to minimize the flavor percentage of your ejuice.


ecigexpress carries all of these ratios, so check our their liquid nicotine products to find the ratio that will work for you.

If you need a help maintaining a consistent ratio when mixing your ejuice, then we suggest using an eliquid  calculator.


Nicotine Strength

You’ll also want to think about the nicotine strength of your unflavored VG/PG base.  Like PG, nicotine also produces throat hit. A higher nicotine strength, for example, will produce a stronger throat hit, and a low nicotine strength will produce a weaker throat hit.

Don’t forget about safety! For example, you can’t vape 100mg/ml nicotine base because it’s not safe. Our most popular nicotine strength is 3mg/ml liquid nicotine. Check out our page on finding the right nicotine strength for more information.


So what’s the answer to the question?

Remember, PG is what carries flavor into your body, so using more PG should produce stronger flavors. Using a 70% VG, 30% PG mix is probably the best place to start. That’ll give you a smooth vaping experience and a satisfying flavor.

If you want a stronger flavor, try increasing the overall percentage of flavors in your e liquid recipe. You can also try a 50% VG, 50% PG nic base and see how it turns out.

So, what is the best PG VG ratio for flavor? In the end, we can only give advice. It’s all about experimenting, so have fun with it!


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