“Vaping helped me turn my life around”

I am addicted to vaping and I love it. I feel I have a very addicting personality. In my previous addictions it has been terrible. I was addicted to Heroin for 15 years. I have 3 years clean and sober since 2008 (THANK GOD). I was addicted to cigarettes for 24 years. I have been off analogs since Dec.2010, when I picked up my first E-CIG and never looked back. So my life is getting much better still looking for work I have been jobless since Nov. 2010. I keep praying that someone will give me a chance. But sorry back to my story about vaping, I really feel vaping has help me with all my demons. When I am feeling bad and there is no one to talk to I grab my EGO and sit in front of the computer and get involved in ecf forum or vaper place or just go on facebook and talk with other vapers. That helps me get my mind off things.I have also help to of my Mother’s friends out they smoked for over 40 years and I showed them my e-cig and help them buy one. So now when ever they get an order in they call me up and I stop over and help them show them how to clean there atty’s and what a cartomizer is. Things like that so I really enjoy my new vaping friends! I sit over the lady’s house and we joke around while vaping and drinking coffee and just hanging out its a lot better then going out and doing the wrong thing. So, you see how I feel vaping has really turned my life around it has put good people in my life  and I can’t wait I will be going to my first vaper meet next month.