I grew up with a father who was a heavy smoker, 3-4 packs of Vantages a day. I still remember him sucking down the first three in the morning when he would have his morning coffee. We used to hide them from him, trying to help him quit (we were kids, we thought it easy!), and boy, would he get mad. The family history includes a lot of Emphysema and Tuberculosis, the odds on me having rip-roaring lungs was remote. I never smoked until I got to college, I was a good boy (especially for the 70s!) and stayed away from most consumables. The discovery of alcohol mixed with freshman year caused me to go from 145LBS to 175LBS and a buddy suggested gretzkys as a way to avoid eating all the time. It worked — but I didn’t know the cost that it actually required………..

My dad died two years after I got home from college of a massive heart attack at 47 and I have never been the same since. I was smoking 2 packs/day by then, a couple years later married and promised to quit when I was 30 — who among us hasn’t made that kind of promise to a SO? That birthday went by, and more, and more…we had a child but I didn’t even quit then. God knows I had tried over the years, got down to a 1/2 pack/day a couple times but nothing worked for me, not even Pneumonia! I did try Nicorette but I was told the other prescriptions wouldn’t be good for me — I was considered loopy enough and Chantix would have made me nuttier! — as my ulcer couldn’t handle the compounds in them. My epiphany? I was approaching 47 years of age and I wanted to live longer than my dad and, for the first time, I got winded wresting with my son. I had never been scared before; I had started assuming I would be dead by my mid-60s hacking up a lung here and there but I wanted to see him at least have a child someday. A friend of my wife’s was vaping and she introduced me to an ECF supporting vendor’s website. I thought what the heck, its the price of what I pay for 2 cartons a week so I gave it a go and, lo and behold, by the 6th day I was down to 1/day, then 1/week for 2 months, and none since 6-6-10! Vaping has saved my life and lungs and I finally have hope that I beat the addiction — well, traded it for another but it smells a hell of a lot better!!!!


John from Illinois