To Whom It May Concern,

As a Fresh Vaper. Coming  along to my first full month of vaping. It would enable me to Continue educating my coworker,friends and family about this new hobby I have picked up. Vaping has replaced my pack a day habit and having a nice 365 day supply on hand would only help me continue on this path. The financial benefit from being selected would be an added bonus of course but that is secondary. Being a highly visible person at my job and already have been approached on  a near daily basis about the Ecig I am using with all the questions I get would enable me to show that not all flavors have to be truly tobacco based but to help enlighten those with questions about the variety of the complex flavors out there that do not resemble burning paper and ash. I would love to see more people out and about using the Ecigs instead of lighting up and i would be more than happy to serve as an example to those who may not see anyone using one. So yeah I am all about the personal attention and answering questions..
Thank you for the contest and Grats to whomever is chosen.