I was a regular smoker for many years. Until last Spring I was was going through two packs a day. While traveling I saw my first ecigs at a mall in Chile. When I got home I started looking on the internet and found a source for what I now know was a KR808-D1 clone. I received shipment in early March 2010 and switched immediately; I have never smoked nor wanted to smoke an analog cigarette since. That makes over a year of non-smoking without any cravings or sense of loss!

When people see my ecigs and ask “Do they work?” I reply that I haven’t stopped or given up anything. They offer everything I liked about smoking; they just eliminate the things I didn’t like about smoking. No anti-smoking laws (I smoke in my office again!), no tar, no ashes, no odor, no yellow deposits on the walls or computer monitor. I don’t cough and my senses of smell and taste are back to normal. I have given away a number of disposables and lots of ecigexpress business cards to clients and to folks I run into when traveling. When I tell them it’ll cost only $15 or so to try them and find out folks seem quite interested (the X4 is a great value). I hope that at least some of these people have also made the switch.

I still like the cigarette-sized two piece units like the KR-808D1 and the X4 because of their weight and form factor but most of the time I vape an eGo with low resistance cartomizers because of the greater battery life. I have tried but never learned to love units with separate atomizers.

John from Ohio