Top 10 DIY ejuice Flavors

Top 10 DIY ejuice Flavors


When you're getting started with DIY ejuice, a top 10 list like this is really helpful.  

Picking a flavor that’s just right for you can take some trial and error, especially if you are just starting DIY eliquid.  We’ve compiled a list of what we feel are 10 MUST HAVE flavors for every ejuice mixer.

Check out our list below and then let us know what your favorite flavors are in the comments below!

1. Ripe Strawberry by TFA - This highly versatile strawberry flavor is considered a classic in the DIY mixing community and can be found in countless recipes. 

2. Vanilla Custard by Capella - Vanilla custard is an old school favorite that goes well in cream and dessert flavor profiles. Capella has two versions with the second version being free of diketones. Both are highly popular and easy to work with. This flavor benefits from a steep period.

3. Cookie by FlavourArt - Cookie by FlavourArt simulates sweet bakery notes that are often used for dessert eJuice.

4. Sweetener - Used for adding sweetness to candy, beverage and dessert flavor profiles. While not technically a flavor concentrate, it is still quite handy to have at your mixing station.

5. WS-23 - This is a cooling agent that adds cooling impact with the taste of mint or menthol. This additive is great for making “Ice Cold” flavor profiles. We often see this used in beverage, fruit and candy or dessert profiles.

6. RY4 Double by TFA - RY4 Double is a unique tobacco flavor that has a tobacco flavor with hints of caramel and vanilla notes. We’ve seen this not only mixed in traditional tobacco flavor profiles, but some desserts as well!

7. Acetyl Pyrazine 5% by TFA - Acetyl Pyrazine by TFA is popular due to its ability to add fresh bakery notes (unsweetened) to flavor profiles.

8. Lemon by Flavors Express - Lemon by Flavors Express is another classic flavor that has remained popular over the years on the account of its pleasing lemon citrus taste and high concentrate. a bottle of this flavor goes a long way.

9. Fresh Cream by FlavourArt - Fresh cream is a must have for those who love creamy flavor profiles, while not sweet like many other creams, it still adds a creamy “mouth feel” to your flavor profiles.

10. Bavarian Cream by TFA  - Bavarian Cream is a cream flavor that is slightly sweet and pairs well with dessert, and bakery profiles. Its definitely worth having more than one type of cream on hand for mixing in order to create more nuanced flavor profiles. 

So there it is, flavor family! By no means is this a list set in stone. We would love to hear what YOUR must have flavors are!

Until our next posting, HAPPY MIXING!

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