I’ve only been using e-cigs for a few months now but I am totally convinced this is finally the way to quit smoking for the first time in 35 years for me. The first day I started vaping I dropped from 2 plus packs a day to half a pack a day, and I’ve stayed there for about two and a half months now. I went to my family doctor when I first got started and asked his opinion and he told me “Anything that works is better than trying nothing at all”. And he also said he could see nothing in the contents of the liquids or the actual vaping process that should be of too much concern so it should be better for me than actual cigarettes. But he also told me not to get addicted to the vaping either, just use it until you are confident you can quit the real things and then consider quitting vaping too. I asked him about just going to zero nicotine liquids, or at least very low level nicotine, instead would be okay, because I really like the vaping experience. He said that should be fine, the object should be to get rid of the dangerous parts and the addiction to smoking. If I eliminated those, vaping for enjoyment should be okay.
As I said, I dropped to half a pack of cigarettes a day the first day, and it has made a HUGE difference in so many ways. My breathing was better inside of a week or two, I know it has a long way to go to be good, but I am happy with that for now. I haven’t had any of the bad problems that trying to stop before always caused. No withdrawal, agitation, extreme eating, anger. None of that “fun” stuff. I really don’t miss the cigarettes at all, I really do prefer the taste and experience of vaping more now than I do cigarettes. If it weren’t for the fact that I have another smoker in the house I might have already stopped them altogether, but I still have that desire when I smell it first thing in the morning etc. And yes, I am actively trying to convert them to vaping too. But I want to be absolutely sure when I say, “ I quit!” this time, it’s permanently.
With a little more time and all the support I’m getting, I really do feel like I will beat cigarettes forever this time. And that doesn’t mean I have to give up the vaping when I do, I have grown quite fond of the wide variety of flavors and devices there are to pick from. For me, e-cigs are a blessing in my desire to quit smoking. My health has suffered enough. The taste was nasty. It was dirty with all the ashtrays and stuff. And it was outright physically dangerous, I fell asleep smoking in bed once and lit the mattress up. Thank you to all the inventors, suppliers, and all the people I am meeting in these forums. You all are a part in me getting smoke free.


Stephen from Texas