The Simple Truth

I was a smoker for 22 years and was really sick and tired of the prices
going up on cigarettes. Now, I had no plans to actually quit smoking but I
new something had to change. Well one day I was shopping with my wife and
left her to go have a cigarette when a stranger showed me her 510 and told
me about how her and her mother both switch and are just as happy with out
analogs. Needless to say I now own the 510 and agree whole heartedly with
their statement. In keeping with the spirit of SGT.  Joe Friday just the
facts. I will tell you what I have found and why I am happier Vaping.

First and foremost I can vape anywhere, not that I am rude about it, but
being and officer in a company I find myself in a lot of meeting and in
front of several customer during the day. These situations don’t afford me
many chances to go have a smoke but one can always be excused to the
bathroom, which is what I do as needed. I also can now vape in my house
which was a no no with cigarettes.

Second, there is no nasty cigarette smell which coats your entire person
inside and out. Everyone has noticed and ask me if I have quiet smoking to
which I tell them yes but not the act. I love the deer in the headlights
look with that answer.

The last point I want to bring up, the health aspect. I know each and every
one of you out there that still smoke are on some level concerned with the
health risks. Not that you care that much lets face it if we did there would
be no tobacco industry. But if you could do something that is a lot cheaper,
almost assuredly safer, and delivers the same enjoyment entirely I think you
would have to at the very least give it a try as I did.

Let me tell you, I do not miss cigarettes at all! I am having the time of my
life with this thing and saving car loads of money on top of it. Just do the
math less then a hundred to get set up and that should get you through the
month then fifteen to thirty every month after. Come on that’s Hugh. I am
totally converted and thankful.


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