I am 24 years old. For at least the last 8 years I have been a heavy smoker.
Over the years, I have tried on several occasions to quit smoking cigarette
which I, and I feel fairly certain everyone on earth, know are harmful,
deadly, and addictive. During this time I’ve seen doctors, been paid by my
parents, tried lozenges, and tried the cold turkey approach to quit. The
only thing all these methods had in common was: failure. No matter how hard
I tried, no matter that it would cost me $100 to pay back my parents on top
of the cost of cigarettes (a significant cost to a poor college student at
the time), I simply could not stop.

Then a friend of mine told me about Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigs).
Admittedly I was skeptical at first. I mean come on, an electric stick that
would vaporize nicotine? However, my interest was piqued and I began looking
up information on the internet and was amazed at what I found. Not only were
e-cigs real, but they were helping people stop smoking cigarettes!

I then began to find numerous reports from doctors and chemists about the
health benefits of stopping smoking cigarettes and switching to e-cigs. I
read real life testimonials from people who had smoked for 40+ years
successfully and happily if not completely switching to e-cigs at least
cutting their traditional tobacco smoking down to a fraction of what it once
was. These people all went on and on about how much better they felt and
happier they were after switching.

Needless to say, I decided to try them out and was remarkably pleased. I’ve
had my e-cig now for almost 10 days and haven’t smoked a traditional
cigarette since. Unlike my other experiences, with my e-cig I don’t have a
need nor a want for cigarettes and I can’t foresee wanting one anytime in
the near future as long as they are available. In my short time using them
my life has improved dramatically. My clothes and hands no longer smell.
People no longer stop and glare at me for hanging out in doorways while I
smoke my cigarettes. And most importantly, from a health standpoint, I can
breath, smell, and taste things better and no longer spend my mornings
coughing up black tar like substances.

Andrew M.