The more I use the ecigarette, the less I want real cigarettes.

I like ecigarettes better than real cigarettes for a variety of reasons.

I love having an alternative to real cigarettes.  The more I use the ecigarette, the less I want real cigarettes. Come to think of it, with an ecigarette, I dont really miss smoking at all, or feel like I need a cigarette. Ecigs feel and taste better to me. The vapor feels cleaner, and lighter. Now if I smoke a real cigarette, I feel like there is a coating on my tongue, and like my face is oily. Ewww!

Another reason why I like ecigarettes better.  No more watery eyes or being temporaily blinded by smoke in the eye. I dont
have that happen when I am vaping. Yeah!

I have more control over what I am putting into my body, not a tobacco company. Part of why I smoke is because I am addicted to nicotine.(duh!) I dont want dozens of other chemicals beside nicotine thank you very much tobacco companies. I can also control the amount of nicotine I feel I need if any at all. With an ecigarette, I do not need to extra packs of cigarettes to get differesnt amounts of nicotine.

I like using an ecigarette better than real cigarette because I dont find myself vaping away just to vape. A few puffs and I am good.
With cigarttes I would tend to take a few puffs, and then the rest burned away in an ashtray, only to have me light up another cigartte moments later, and repeat that process all over again. What a waste of money! Plus with an ecigarette there is the benefit of no smoke for me, or second hand smoke for my family.

I like ecigarettes better than real cigarettes becase I love the variety of flavors to vape. OMG, it blew my mind the first time I ever tried flavored nic juice. It still does.  Cigarettes taste like cigarettes, and ya know, that doesnt taste too good. With ecigaretts, not the case.
I truly enjoy vaping, and the flavors I can vape. Why would I want to smoke a yucky tasting cigarette when I can vape yummy
flavors like chocolate, or mint, or both of those together?   Mmmmm.

There is some added health benifits to that as well. Not only do I have a bad habit of smoking. I love to drink soda. Why smoke a cigarette and chug away on  soda when I can vape cola flavored juice instead? No more  extra hundreds of added calories going straight to my butt and thighs. (I really like part that about ecigarettes.)

My favorite reasons of all on why I like ecigarettes better than real cigarettes. I can breathe better, and easier. I dont feel a catch in my
chest when trying to take a deep breath.  Heck, I dont have to try to take a deep breath now. I CAN take a deep breath. I dont practically hack up a lung because I’m coughing so hard when I laugh anymore.  I dont smell like smoke anymore.

Best of all, my children do not smell like smoke anymore either.

The list of why I like an egcigarette better than ral cigarettes goes on and on.

I cant even think of one reason of why I would like a real cigarette over an ecigarette.

Monica B

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