The future of smoking is here.

I don’t have a long story or a depressing story about my journey as a
smoker.  I don’t have any devastating stories about sick relatives that have
smoked for 50 years and are dying of cancer.  I don’t even have a heartfelt
story about my addiction to nicotine and my inability to break away from it.

I simply have my little personal story about how much I enjoy smoking.

I had my first puff of a Marlboro Red about 16 years ago, back when cigs
were still $2 a pack, and even back when most places still allowed smoking.
It was good, but I didn’t love it.  I wasn’t attracted to the “danger” of
it, or how “cool” it was.  In fact, I didn’t smoke regularly until about a
year after, and being an underage teenager, my options were pretty limited

My habits increased as time went on, and by the time i was 21 I maybe went
through a pack a day, but usually not.  Eventually, with a co-decision with
the girlfriend at the time, we both decided to stop smoking.  So we did, and
then about a year and a half later I picked it up again, mainly out of
boredom at college, and after that…because of “stress relief” for things
in my life.  It got harder to break the habit that time, so I continued.

Jump ahead a few years, I get on another health kick and decide I should
work on my weight and also to cut out smoking again, as being healthy and in
shape doesn’t go well with smoking…mainly because of the breathing issues
associated with inhaling combustible smoke.

So, i “stop” again, for a few months, and stress jumps into my life one more
time.  Now, we all deal with stress, that’s absolutely true, and mine was no
worse than anyone else’s but my method for dealing was with smoking.

So from that point on (about 2005) until recently, I was a smoker.  I was a
light smoker though, still not going over a pack a day, usually much less
except for the weekends.

I also found myself with a girlfriend that hated smoking, and with raising
prices of tobacco, my habit was becoming expensive and a point of argument
that could easily be remedied…but by this point, I just REALLY enjoy
smoking.  I won’t tell you i’m not addicted, but I would go a week at a time
with no cigarette at all, then burn a pack a night on the weekend, then
nothing.  If I had addiction problems, I don’t know that I would have been
able to do that so easily.  For me it was habitual, a stress relief, and
just a personal enjoyable vice. 

During late 2008 I was reading a batch of unusual news articles
( and stumbled across an article about this new
“electronic cigarette” that was becoming popular in the UK due to smoking
bans.  The story was about a particular bar that was selling ecig packs to
customers just so they could stay inside the pub to “smoke” and not have to
keep popping outside for a cig.  There were a few early links in the
article, and I did some research, saw the benefits and prices and decided I
should REALLY order one, just to give it a try, even if I wasted $50 on

The technology was interesting, as I’ve always loved “new” things anyway.
I’d hoped to jump ahead of the curve, since this was a brand new thing that
NO ONE I personally knew had any knowledge about.

Well, I procrastinated.

Soon after mentioning it to friends, I caught rumor there was a kiosk in our
local mall selling them, and I never made it there to check them out.  Well,
according to most reviews, it’s good that I didn’t…but that’s another

Early in 2009, a good friend of mine took the plunge and got a kit from the
mall kiosk, and by that point I’d nearly forgotten about all the research I
should have done…and my interest was renewed.  I tried his, and was
fascinated.  I literally spent TWO WEEKS reading every article and forum I
could find, just to learn everything I possibly could before making the
plunge.  I knew my models up and down, and made my purchases.

I was not out to “quit” smoking, I was out to replace my habit with an
alternative, and one that was going to be more enjoyable and perhaps safer.
Well, I never had to make an effort to stop smoking, it just came naturally.
 I bought parts, juices, mixing materials, and everything else I could find,
and have amassed loads of knowledge and plenty of product to keep me busy
for a year.  I’ve tried a handful of products, and each have their merit.
I’ve shared my knowledge with everyone willing to listen, and I had my first
“personal” story last night about a friend wanting to buy one for her sickly
father who NEEDS to quit smoking.

Those are the stories that make me smile, the stories from friends that I’m
helping THEM with things and making them notice things in their life that
can be fixed with the aid of e-cigs/personal vaporizers.  Not one night goes
by that I don’t educate new people on e-cigs and the benefits of using them,
and I can only hope that they follow through and look into them for

As for me, I received my first kit on February 19, 2009, and I lost all urge
to smoke a traditional cigarette.  I’ve since tasted them though, but I
could never go back.  My mouth doesn’t feel like an ashtray, my girlfriend
doesn’t gag when she kisses me, and I no longer irritate my eyes and
contacts with second hand smoke blowing in my face.

I can “smoke” virtually any flavor combination I can imagine, and I have a
blast trying new concoctions.  At this point, I can’t understand why someone
would even want to taste “cigarettes” when so many more pleasant options are
available.  Most of my mixes are so good, I can’t keep my vaporizer away
from my friends when I’m out in public for them wanting to use my e-cig
rather than their traditional cigs.

And yes, my sense of smell is very strong now, as is my sense of taste, and
I no longer cough or wheeze during physical exertion or exercise.  Believe
it or not, I’ve not had a respiratory cold or sickness either, since I’ve
started using electronic cigarettes.  I tend to have bad allergies and
summer colds, and not once have I had as much as a sniffle.

The health benefits, regardless of “proof” on paper, are noticeable for me
and that’s all the proof I need.

This has given me a wonderful way to enjoy the act of smoking…and without
the associated negative repercussions of doing it.  I can only hope I
stopped the deadlier habit soon enough to not affect my health long term.
The electronic cigarette has the potential to save SO many lives, and I am
fortunate to be one of them.

Daniel S