The Flavor Journey of Immortal Fog


Last time I wrote about Immortal Fog, I explained the rationale and concept behind our new line of delicious premium e-liquid. Now, it’s time to introduce the six exciting flavors that we’re releasing tomorrow.

The flavors we developed for Immortal Fog were conceived with the idea of a journey in mind. The more you vape, the further away you get from analog cigarettes and their harmful, carcinogenic, toxins. Each flavor of Immortal Fog, therefore, is meant to have special significance for different stages on your journey of vaping.

Immortal Fog - The Beast

The reason most first-time vapers use cig-alike vaporizers and try tobacco flavors is because they are the most familiar. It’s really easy to get in to vaping when you start with a predictable flavor because as a device, an electronic cigarette is already strange enough at first. This led us to develop The Beast. With its realistic tobacco flavor, aroma, and aftertaste, The Beast may well be the most realistic tobacco flavor on the market today. The familiarity of this e-liquid makes it harder to backslide to traditional cigarettes.

Immortal Fog - Awakening

Over the course of our five years of retail experience with electronic cigarettes and e-liquids, we have learned that the vaping bug catches easily, and that most vapers begin to expand their horizons by experimenting with new flavors to use in their e-cigs. Awakening is meant to reflect this aspect of a vaper’s journey. With its simple, yet strangely compelling sweet flavor, Awakening is the perfect introduction to the limitless delicious possibilities that help vaping stand out from smoking.

Immortal Fog - Avalon

Once vapers begin to get used to how sweet-flavored e-liquids not only help make vaping fun, but also more enjoyable, they often enjoy trying a variety of predictable flavors to see how the taste compares to the real thing. In a lot of ways, this is one of the best things about vaping, in the sense that there are so many e-liquids, and so many possibilities, that the extent of your enjoyment can seem limitless. With Avalon, we wanted to make sure that our customers would have a great opportunity to try a familiar taste – Strawberry Lemonade – using our own recipe. We wanted the flavor of this e-juice to be familiar, but not overwhelming, and we think we’ve done an excellent job with the recipe.

Immortal Fog - Legendary

By starting our more familiar flavors with a mild one, of course we felt we also had to try our hand at a stronger one. Enter Legendary, with its unique candied peach flavor. With Legendary, it was important that we truly satisfied everybody’s sweet tooth, because we have already been gesturing towards the satisfaction of sweet e-liquid flavors with Awakening and Avalon. We hope you agree that Legendary is the perfect flavor for vapers who want to truly explore the potential of richly flavored e-liquids. It helps that this flavor produces a really great lasting aroma.

Immortal Fog - Ascension

For a lot of people who really get into electronic cigarettes, one of the pleasures of the hobby is the tech. Whether we’re talking about variable voltage or variable wattage batteries, adjustable airflow cartomizers, or even wholly mechanical MODs and rebuildable dripping atomizers, we all love playing with the newest gadgets. If you count yourself among this group, Ascension may well be the flavor for you! With its unique earthy flavor and its rich combination of taste and aroma notes, you’ll enjoy tinkering with your e-cig and your heat settings to get the perfect puff from this dessert e-juice, and that’s exactly why we think you’ll love it.

Immortal Fog - Infinite Bliss

Whether you’re a straightforward vaper, a tinkerer, or just someone who loves e-liquid in general, we had to get really creative with our “ultimate” flavor. What, after all, can you give for the person who has everything? Well, with Infinite Bliss, that’s exactly what we give you: everything! The flavor notes in Infinite Bliss run all across the fruit spectrum, so whether you’re just starting out and want some variety in your flavoring, or you’re super-advanced and love to tinker with your settings, we’ve designed this e-liquid flavor to reward your curiosity and good taste. Infinite Bliss will surprise you with its depth.

So, there you have it: six flavors for everybody, but with the idea of a journey in mind, too! We’ve spent a long time developing Immortal Fog for you to enjoy, and we hope you’ll spend an even longer time enjoying it. No matter where you are in *your* vaping journey, we hope that you’ll stay the course, and we’ve developed Immortal Fog to help you out, every puff along the way.

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