The eGO Has Kept Me Cigarette Free For 5 Months! – David from Pennsylvania

I started smoking when I was 15 at the amusement park I worked at. Peer pressure and stress probably pushed me to it, which is sad because I was an upstanding member of my school band. I did go to All State band my junior year on alto sax, but I didn’t really start buying cigs for myself until senior year. After that I never played the same, I noticed the difference but since I wasn’t pursuing a career in musical performance I kept on with my smoker friends. My go to brand was Camel Lights for the longest time, I never was a menthol smoker but dipped in and out of menthol swings here and there. I had quit smoking 3-4 times in the 9 years or so I was smoking, the nicorette fruit blast gum was probably the most effective means I had found at that point since I got off cigs for almost a year using it (Feb ’09-Jan ’10). I still can’t find a gum that is that delicious lol but once I tried to ween myself from the gum, I was back to smoking almost a month later.
Late last year, a couple of coworkers got Blu cig starter kits and let me try them. The menthol flavor was really nice but vapor production was nowhere near enough to convince me it would be satisfying. I did my homework on e-cigarette-forum and VaporTalk, and everything I read led to “start with an eGo, you won’t be disappointed”, and sure enough they were exactly right. I am tempted by higher voltage devices from reading numerous posts about them, but this eGo has kept me cigarette free for 5 months now and I have had no problems whatsoever. My friends that got the Blu kits didn’t really stick with the vaping scene, since I always boast about my own set up and the delicious flavors I’ve found, and they aren’t too interested, may it be old habits sticking strong or their lackluster experience with Blu, I don’t know.
What I do know is that I’m here to stay, since the peer pressure that started me on cigarettes was partly the community of smokers, how you can go outside a bar and start conversations with complete strangers just because you’re inhaling tar together although I now have much more interesting (if not simply more) conversations when I get out my eGo with bright red / white swirl delrin drip tip. Some comments I’ve heard while standing in a huddled crowd of smokers, “That smells amazing!” “Where did you get it?” “Is that a Blu?” and “Can I try that!?!?”, the last two get a resounding NO unless I have my spare cartridge with me, but you get the picture. I started breathing easier after about a month of vaping exclusively, and have picked up my saxophone more than any other preceding year, and have blown the paint off my walls with renewed blowing power! (Didn’t want to sound too nerdy and say lung capacity, but that didn’t sound right at all…) Overall my experience has been outstanding and I look forward to finishing college and starting a career… so I can get all the new mods I keep hearing about! Granted it’s much easier on my pocket to pick up 30ml of juice a month instead of 10-12 packs of cigarettes… but I feel like vaping has givin me MORE of a lifetime to enjoy this tasty hobby. No regrets, spread the word! This is Sparta!


David from Pennsylvania

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