I started smoking analogs at 16 years of age. I was dating my current wife. We had a short breakup, that’s when I started smoking. We where back together in a short time apart, but I had that nasty habit. My wife was raised around smokers and hated it with a passion. She married me anyway when I was 18, and she 19. As the years rolled by every now and then she would suggest I try quitting. I ignored her. She didn’t complain. We started having children after 5 years of marriage. That’s when I stopped smoking in the home and car. When she became pregnant I made that decision myself, I didn’t want her exposed to that toxin. Well the kids grew older and they too hated my smoking and constantly asked daddy to stop. I ignored them and would walk outside to smoke. As the years continued to roll on by, they would ask now and then for me to stop. I never tried. Well 28 years later, the grand babies came along. Oh lord it was like a big wake up call for me. I was starting to hack in the mornings, had trouble breathing, and I’m in really good shape for someone who’s 46 years old and smoked for 30 years. I started seeing e-cigs advertised and I thought hummmm. Well I researched them for about 4 weeks before I ordered my first Joye 510. I received it on July 29th 2010. That was the last day I smoked an analog. My wife and kids were surprised that I stopped the analogs. They are so proud of me and constantly praise me for my success in quitting them. I hope to grow old enough to see my great grand kids grow. I’m 46 5-11 175lbs and feel 100% better. I no longer hack, snore or have shortness of breath. I recommend vaping to at least 1 person a day. Well that’s my story.
Thx from 1 happy vapor.


Ire from Georgia