I smoked for 43 years, I was 12 then. I have tried to stop many , many times. Went to smoking classes, chewed nic gum, patches, meds just name it I tried it. So I pretty much gave up. I was at work and tore both of my rotator cuffs. I needed surgery and the doctor said he would not perform the procedure unless I stopped smoking. I didn’t know what to do, I told him no way , I can’t. I was in the mall and saw the e-cig and decided to try it. It wasn’t a good one and went on line and saw the forum. I ended up getting the 510 . My doctor was so proud of me and said he would do the surgery if I stuck with it. Well that was March 7th 2010, over a year now. I have never looked back. I used to get up every morning and take a coughing spell for about an hour, that stopped. I can breath again. My family is so happy , and my house and clothes don’t stink anymore. I feel like a new person. Thank God I found the ECF, I feel like you helped save my life. My doctor still laughs at me, he said he thought I was going to hit him when he told me to quit smoking. Anyone reading this and is thinking of trying it, go for it. I was a hard core smoker, 2 to 3 packs a day. Smoking was never this good.



Marcella from California