Two months ago, I had went to Dr for a routing CT ( routine bc I have rib
fracture nonunions from prior accident) to see if the PEMF Bone Growth
Stimulator I had been using showed signs of working to reunite the fractured
ends of my ribs. An hour later, I recieve a call from the radilolgist
concerning the bodules on my lungs. NODULES??? WHAT NODULES? Well, needless
to say, I of COURSE freak and when I get myself together I started asking
questions. It turns out that half of these noncalcified nodules could be
cancer if not all of them!!! My mind was racing bc I had smoked for 23yrs
and im only 32!! What have I done?!?!
I tried to quit and even with the bad news I still could NOT give it up! A
friend suggested me to this site/e-cigs and I discussed with my DR. My Dr
LOVED that I was willing to try an E-Cig and even played with it when I
brought into office at next appt! He said I sound better, all my stats are
better and my next scan to check these nodules is a month away but I bet
they got better too!(lets pray!!!)
An e-cig may not be able to CURE the cause of the nodules, but by me
quitting analog cigs, I know for sure Ill have longer, healthier days
despite the cause of these nodules!