As early as 5000 B.C., mankind began burning tobacco and inhaling the smoke
in religious rituals. Over time, the practice was adopted for pleasure and
as a social tool. Tobacco smoking has seen many innovations ranging from
clay pipes to rolling papers. As with anything, tobacco smoking has its fans
and opponents. In the end, the greater good won the fight against public
smoking of cigarettes. But, a new innovating gamechanger has arrived: the
electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette uses a battery to vaporize
liquid nicotine (or juice) , into a tasty vapor. The liquid nicotines come
in many flavors, from Coca Cola to Coffee. Nicotine itself is still
addictive, but e-cigarettes deliver the nicotine in a much safer way. When
smoking traditional cigarettes, the tobacco is combusted by flame, and
thousands of chemicals are given off as a by-product. E-cigarette juice is
mostly Propylene glycol, an organic compound used for years in food
colorings and flavorings. Of course, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
has run some studies on the safety on e-cigarettes and in May of 2009
conluded that e-cigarettes were not an effective “cessation device” and some
delivered “tobacco specific nitrosamines”, a carcinogen found in tobacco
smoke. Regardless, smokers who have made the switch report feeling more
energy, increased taste and smelling ability, and enjoyment of the
convenience of the portable device. Smokers have reported being able to
smoke again in bars, movie theatres, and even airplanes. Of course, courtesy
and common sense first, but overall, the electronic cigarette movement is
gaining much momentum.

Dosan B