Why do I enjoy “Vaping” over “smoking analogs”?

First of all, allow me to preface that I’m about to turn 49. I’ve been
smoking since I was 13 (started w/ my Dad’s Marlboros – yes, stealing them).
Al most 4 months agao I found the idea of “vaping” interesting enough to try
– more so than going for it with the idea of quitting smoking.

I bought my first personaly vaporizer in April (I prefer this term over
“e-cig”. Since that time I have not looked back (never wanted or yearned for
an “analog”). Sure I smoked during that time – two cigarettes. Both times
were done more so to be sociable, than desiring to smoke. I stunk like
everyone else there.

The following is what I’ve noticed with myself, regarding vaping:

NO MORE hacking cough (took about 4 days)
My breathing has gotten better
NO MORE wheezing
I don’t snore as bad (according to my wife)
Not as much acid reflux these days
(the following is compared to smoking…)
NO lingering smell after vaping
NO bad breath.
NO lingering smell on my clothes
I can vape in my car AND while my windows are rolled up  with no lingering
odor/smell the next day.
I vape in hotel rooms, again, NO residual odors
I, now, Vape in my house (same as above)

I would encourage anyone who is presently smoking cigarettes, at the very
least, try a “personal vaporizer”. Chances are, if you give it some honest
time, you may very well like it more. Now, I’m sure there will be times when
you feel you would prefer a real cigarette. Go ahead and toke one. Chances
are you’ll learn to despise the smell of it along with its residuals
lingering on your clothes. After which, you’ll appreciate the benefits of

Please note: I do NOT attempt to vape inside public places – I respect the
laws established. For I have no idea/prove if 2nd hand vaping is
harmful/harmless to others. I would hope that, you too, would have the same
consideration for your fellow human beings.

Vape on by brothers and sisters!