Smoker for 17 years

I have been a smoker for exactly 1/2 my life (17 years) and quite honestly,
had no intention of quitting. But I heard about e-cigarettes and thought,
“How great! No smell, No ash, No litter, No tar, No carcinogens! You can’t
beat that!”. So I purchased my first e-cigarette (a JOYE 510) 2 weeks ago
after doing a ton of research. It isn’t like traditional smoking, so I’m
still adjusting to not being able to “chain-smoke”, but for the most part, I
love it. I can’t wait to get into the habit of vaping, rather than smoking.
I love the taste (I prefer chocolate) and love the fact that I’m making the
move to a healthier “me”.  The bonus is, I don’t feel like I’m killing my
cats anymore…they actually sit near me when I vape!


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