I received my Titan 510 e-cig today, super fast shipping! Unfortunately I bought 2 cartons of real cigarettes today also (before I checked the mail) cause I’m going on a trip. I opened the package for my 510, put it together and I went 6 1/2 hours without even ONE real cigarette! So I decided to go outside in the rain and have a real cig after smoking less than half of it I put it out and said the heck with this and went back in my warm house and vaped away!!! I cannot even express to you how much I love this e-cig!!! The best invention ever, even better than my Kindle e-book! I’ve been a non-stop smoker for 44 years and I have been wanting to quit smoking for years now but I don’t have a strong willpower. I’m absolutely thrilled with my purchase of the Joye 510 Titan and amazed with the fact I have NO cravings for a stinky, expensive, unhealthy real cigarette!!! My daughter is the one who talked me in to trying it cause she loves hers, if I lived closer to her I’d give her the biggest hug and kiss ever for saving my life and pocket book!!!! Thank you for this wonderful invention, I’m a convinced vapor!
Patti from Idaho