Well my story about the e-cigs is that after 45 years of smoking has ended a year ago, even after watching my dad die from smoking and me sitting in the waiting room to see if he was going to make it i was smoking a cigarette and talking to his dr. and the dr. even said it was bad and sad that i was still doing the one thing that is killing him. This was back when you could still smoke in the hospital, well that was maybe 30 years ago i had no intention of stopping the cigarettes at that time nor did i ever think in the future, until last year i was having a surgery on a knee replacement and the wound wasn’t healing so i went through many treatments to help it heal de-breeding which is digging meat out of the wound etc, and my dr. said that my smoking is making it near impossible for the wound to heal so on my own i decided to listen to a friend that had tried the e-cig so i bought a disposable e-cig to see if i thought it could help in anyway, well i saw a potential and then bought a cheap cig with a cartomizer it was great i stopped smoking cigs and then i kept moving up with many other e-cigs and never really had a desire to smoke a cig but i would still have a smoke maybe once a month just to compare i guess and i found that those smokes started to taste real bad and left me with this damn awful taste in my mouth and on me that even using mouth wash wasn’t getting rid of it, just don’t know how anyone could handle being around smelling like that. My wound healed up and the dr’s say its a miracle and they think the e-cig is a great thing. If not for the e-cig and my wound not healing i was going to loose my leg flat out no way around it at all. So it was a miracle for me to be able to keep my leg and i owe it to my starting to use an e-cig. I had no big desire to stop smoking and it wasn’t the pressure of the dr’s i just thought it was worth a try, and for me it wasn’t hard to do, i have tried to get relatives to give it a try and they didn’t have the habit i did for so long but they have failed and because the e-cig didn’t taste exactly the same as there favorite smoke they didn’t give it a try. Sorry for them, but my son who is a marine who doesn’t smoke but he chews like most marines was here to visit a few weeks ago tried my e-caig and got into liking it he bought one of his own when he got back home and is now cut his chewing down by half so he will be in my book off the chew soon. So e-cigs has had a big impact on my life, just wish it would have been around when my dad was struggling with smokes and maybe just maybe he could have lived longer. Satisfied vapor guy