Product Review: Joye 510 ECIG

I recently purchased this, and being a long time heavy smoker who had tried
and failed to quit a number of times, I was not sure that this was going to
work for me. I can say that even though I have only been using this a few
days I have not once needed to light a analog cig!

If you are thinking about trying this….

1. Get a few flavors of liquid. I liked the Marb flavor, but my wife likes
the coffee best.

2. Spring for the PCC (the pack)… being able to get extra charges while
running around is GREAT. Plus the design is good carrying extra cartridges
with you is helpful.

3. Give the device a little break in time. The first few hours of use I was
hardly getting any “drag”… but once it broke in I feel almost like I am
smoking a real cig, which makes quiting the old analog cig easier.

Lee R

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