I had my first cigarette when I was 10 years old. My sister and her best friend snuck up on the roof of our house and I followed them. I discovered they were smoking cigarettes and they offered me one. I accepted it and regret that moment in time with a passion. After that, if I couldn’t buy them at the store (for my dad…wink, wink), I would scrounge the ashtrays for butts.

When I turned 16 and got my drivers license, and a real job, I began smoking Marlboro reds full time. I eventually tried the golds, the the lights, and finally ultralights. I figured with ultralights it would be easy to quit so I promised myself I would quit before I turned 35 years old. Fifteen years later I was still smoking. I had tried quite a few times to stop but my will power alone was not enough.

I tried gum, lozenges, wellbutrin (Zyban) and chantix… Nothing worked!!!

THEN I heard a commercial on the radio. A doctor was selling a product that was going to help me quit. It was an electronic cigarette that vaporized a nicotine liquid. You stepped down the nicotine until you were nicotine free. This sounded like a promising device. I began research immediately and found ECF with all it’s overload of information.

I didn’t pull the trigger until July of 2010. What a bang it was. On July 23, 2010 I received my Riva! On that day I quit smoking and have been tobacco free since! I did have one slip up a few months ago at the casino but I do not count it as a failure. It was reinforcement that I wanted to continue with my electronic cigarette and continue vaping instead of smoking.

Thank you ECF and all the great vendors.


Debbie from Texas