I started smoking cigarettes when I was 16.  I got married at 19 and continued to smoke until I got pregnant at 28.  Because it had taken so long to get pregnant, I did not want to take any chances with my baby’s health, so I quit smoking cold turkey.   I did not smoke again for 23 years.  Unfortunately, I was at an event and someone offered me one.  Being the wimp I am, I thought it couldn’t hurt to have just one.  Apparently I did not take into account my compulsive tendencies and was hooked again.  I have tried over the last ten years to quit over and over.  I have tried cold turkey (Oh, the anguish).  I have tried medicine (Oh, the cost).  I have tried the patches (Oh, they don’t do anything).  I have risked divorce (My husband has threatened me if I don’t quit smoking).  But, nothing helped until I got my first e-cig.  OMG!  I have QUIT SMOKING.




Carolyn in Arkansas