I quit smoking for my final time 16 months ago when I started vaping. I started smoking 55 years ago when I was 15. I had been diagnosed with COPD a few years prior and knew I had to quit or I would soon be on oxygen like my brother and many friends are or were, my brother just died in Jan, because of smoking for over 50 years . I tried my best but although I had quit for five years once and ten years another time I couldn’t stay quit this time. I tried other nicotine substitutes but nothing worked until I tried vaping. To make a long story short I went for my annual check up and I was real curious about my lungs and how they were doing. The last time I had my lungs checked the doctor said my lungs sounded like an accordion so I was anxious to find out how they sounded now after vaping for 16 months. I knew I no longer wheezed or coughed but what would they sound like to the doctor. He was amazed and I was delighted because he said they sounded really good. I told him I hadn’t had a single cold in 16 months although I take care of my grandkids and they have had lots of colds but I haven’t had a single one. I told him I can’t prove it but I think it because of the PG I vape. He was real interested in them because this was at the VA hospital and there are many ol vets like me that have COPD. So I pulled out my Go-Go and showed him how it vaped right there in the examining room. He was pretty amazed and wanted to know where I bought them and how much they cost and how often I used it. lol I am going to start carrying cards with me to hand out.
Besides all of that my cholesterol was perfect and my blood pressure was perfect so I’m a happy ol codger today.


Randall from Washington