Like most people my age, I started smoking back in High School… and that was 40 years ago. I managed to quit once, briefly, and when I started up again I was smoking Menthol, which I found even harder to quit. I never did like the taste of cigarettes, always chewed gum, too… but with me it became more of a nervous habit, until I was finally diagnosed with Panic/Anxiety Disorder 10 years ago (with a bit of OCD thrown in for good measure… Ha!!).
So when my Cardiologist kept bugging me to quit, even offered me smoking cessation classes along with patches or gum, I knew it wasn’t for me… been there, tried that. What those alternatives don’t take into account is the hand to mouth action, and why a lot of people also gain weight when they quit.

So when I saw someone with an e-cig and they gave me the link to the ECF, I started doing some research… and when a friend gave me a disposable one to try, I knew this just might work!! I finally decided on a starter kit and some extra supplies and haven’t had any tobacco cigs since the second day after it arrived!!

I know it isn’t that easy for everyone, and I also know that I still have a habit… but at least I feel in control of it now!! I vape because I enjoy it, not because I have to have it … not to mention all of the yummy flavors the liquids come in!! Also, it has had an even calming, soothing effect on me, too. I can pick it up and just take a couple of puffs whenever I choose…

Yes, I still chew gum, but that’s another habit I will probably never break!! Ha!!


Louise from California