It’s been a while since we’ve tried to make a new tobacco flavor, so it seems worthwhile to try something spicy. Here we have it, then, Vanilla Clove Tobacco! With its genuine tobacco flavor, texture, and aroma, coupled with hints of clove and vanilla to add richness to both the inhale and the exhale, Vanilla Clove Tobacco may well be your next all-day tobacco-flavored vape! Try it out, and tell us what you think!


Unflavored Nicotine Base

Tobacco Absolute Diluted Liquid Concentrate (1 drop)

Clove by Flavourart

Canadian Type Tobacco by Inawera

French Vanilla by Capella


Vanilla Clove Tobacco

27 ml unflavored nicotine base (70/30-PG/VG recommended)

2 ml Canadian Type Tobacco

0.5ml French Vanilla

0.5 ml Clove

1 drop Tobacco Absolute

Makes 30ml of e-liquid.

Tobacco Absolute can be very viscous, so steep well and mix properly before vaping.