As summer continues, if you want to be careful about your physique, it’s worth thinking more seriously about how much dessert you eat. But you know what, that isn’t fun at all!

The solution is to mix up a dessert flavor that keeps you going all day long to satisfy those cravings. Whether you’re at work or sitting at home, if you’re looking for a truly rich, satisfying flavor, well I’ve got just the perfect thing right here: Vanilla Chai.

In fact, I like this flavor so much, I’ve made three variants! The first is a straight up spiced beverage flavor; the second is very milkshakey, and the third is a rich spiced tobacco flavor. Choose your favorite, mix, and enjoy! And don’t forget, you are more than welcome to substitute your own favorite flavors for those suggested here.


Each of these recipes makes 30ml of e-liquid.

Vanilla Chai Tea (strong vanilla aroma)

25 ml nicotine base (70/30 PG/VG recommended)

3.5 ml Chai Spiced

1.5 ml Vanilla Oleoresin


Vanilla Chai Milkshake

26 ml nicotine base (70/30 PG/VG recommended)

2 ml Chai Spiced

2 ml Vanilla Swirl


Vanilla Chai Tobacco

26 ml nicotine base (70/30 PG/VG recommended)

1.5 ml Chai Spiced

2.5 ml Vanilla Tobacco


So? What do you think? Leave a comment and tell us all about it!

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