Sometimes, you just need that feeling of energy, but you need to take it a step further. And if you’re active all day, every little bit helps. With this recipe, I decided to crank up the Energy Drink taste of Red Energy up to 11 with a hint of citrus to make it a little more comfortable as an all-day vape. I can’t wait to hear what you think about this!


Unflavored nicotine base

Red Energy by Hangsen

Green Dew by Hangsen

Bitter Wizard by FlavourArt

Key Lime Flavor or Lemon Flavor by Signature (not required)


Top Gear

26 ml nicotine base (70/30-PG/VG)

2 ml Red Energy

1 ml Green Dew

0.5 ml Key Lime or Lemon (to taste)

0.5 ml Bitter Wizard


Makes 30ml of e-liquid.

The Lemon or Lime flavors are subject to taste. If citrus isn’t up your alley, I’d recommend replacing that ingredient with more red energy or bitter wizard, depending on what you’d prefer.