A quick scan of any collection of e-liquid flavors can show you that there are tons of coffee and espresso e-liquids out there, but what about tea? More importantly, what about making your *own* tea flavor.

So, since sometimes I like a pick-me-up that doesn’t taste like coffee, and since I’ve been on a bit of a Star Trek kick, I decided to try to make Picard’s traditional “Tea; Earl Grey; hot.” The upshot of all this experimentation is that I’m now actually pretty comfortable making lots of different tea flavors, which leaves me strangely excited. I also like a lot of flavor in my Earl Grey, so I used a lot of Bergamot.

NOTE: This is meant to be a slow, smoky e-liquid, so I used a 60/40 PG/VG ratio. If you’re not used to that much VG, this can be a little much.


Unflavored nicotine base

Black Tea by FlavourArt

Bergamot by FlavourArt


Tea; Earl Grey; Hot

25 ml nicotine base (60/40-PG/VG)

3 ml Black Tea

2 ml Bergamot


Makes 30ml of e-liquid.

Can you think of any cool tea recipes? Why not share yours?