New Recipe: Gin in Sweet Tea Lemonade

Do you like the sweet flavor of gin and juice when you’re out for a party? So do I! But it’s just really hard to flavor an e-liquid just right. Luckily, I was at a friend’s the other day, and the only mix available was sweet iced tea and lemonade. We tried them together FOR SCIENCE, and it was *amazing*! As a result of this successful experiment, I decided to see how well it would work as an e-liquid. As it turns out, quite well, indeed!

This recipe is definitely a “suit to taste” situation. It’s definitely worth keeping some Bitter Wizard and some Sweetener, or Ethyl Maltol on hand to make this taste just right.


Unflavored nicotine base

Gin by FlavourArt

Sweet Tea by Capella

Lemonade Flavor by LorAnn Oils


Gin in Sweet Tea Lemonade

8 ml nicotine base (70/30-PG/VG)

1 ml Gin

0.5 ml Sweet Tea

0.5 ml Lemonade Flavor


Makes 10ml of e-liquid.

Well, what do you think?