New Recipe: Fieldberry Pie

It’s summer, and that means berries are in season! But, if you’re going to vape with berry flavors, why keep it simple when you have all of nature’s bounty at your disposal? This is the time to be adventurous.

In order to celebrate summer, here’s a new recipe I’ve concocted: Fieldberry pie. There’s nothing like a delicious berry tart to cheer me up on a summer’s day, so now you can make one yourself. This is meant to be a slow and relaxing vape, ideal for after dinner, or sitting on the verandah.

I just used two of my favorite berry flavors, but if strawberry and blueberry don’t tickle your fancy,  there are so many more to choose from!


Makes 30 ml of e-liquid

  •  25.5 ml nicotine base (65/35 PG/VG recommended)
  • 1 ml pie crust
  • 1.5 ml strawberry
  • 1.5 ml blueberry
  • 0.5ml bitter wizard

Do you like this recipe? Can you offer any hints to tweak it? Leave a message!

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