NEW Recipe: Apricot Almond Tart

With Easter on its way, and spring coming slowly into focus, there’s nothing like the reminder of traditional cooking to make your celebrations more fun. Well then, how about a traditional English tart? Apricot Almond tart melds natural sweet flavors in a bright display of complexity, yet never overwhelms the palette, making it an excellent all-day vape!


Unflavored Nicotine Base

Apricot by Capella Flavor Drops

Almond by FlavourArt

Organic Custard by Nature’s Flavors

Pie Crust by Signature



16 ml unflavored nicotine base

2 ml Apricot

0.8 ml Almond

0.8 ml Organic Custard

0.4 ml Pie Crust


Makes 20ml of e-liquid.

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